Independent Pilates

2999 Westminster Blvd., #103

Seal Beach, Ca 90740


Independent Instructors

At Independent Pilates all of our instructors are fully certified experts in the fields they teach, as well as, in the way the body works. All instructors operate independently from each other and the studio, in order for them to be as creative and flexible as they need, to better meet your needs. Allowing each instructor to have the ability to create their own schedule, pricing & class formats, gives the client the advantage of better quality and individualized uniqueness. Getting quality instruction in a quiet and smaller setting allows our instructors to address your particular needs while maintaining a hands-on experience, which is vital to a proper Pilates experience.

For instructors or dancers interested in renting the space please contact us for further information.

We Proudly Use Balance Body Equipment

Trap Table Tower Reformer