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Pilates has been practiced for over 80 years, getting people to connect to their core abdominal muscles, improve their flexibility, balance & posture. Creating long lean muscles in a safe and smart method. People of all ages can find benefit in practicing Pilates.

Pilates Services Offered

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Orientation Sessions

We encourage everyone to start with private orientations sessions. During these sessions you will be introduced to the equipment and the Pilates fundamentals.
We get you ready to then continue with privates or small group classes.
55 min sessions, $60-65 per session

Private Sessions

A private one on one session with one of our certified instructors utilizing the reformer, the cadillac, the wunda chair, and all small apparatus. With a maximum of two clients in studio at any given time, we ensure your ultimate privacy.

55 min sessions, prices vary per instructor, package discounts available

Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions

Have fun doing a private session for two with one of our certified instructors allowing you the benefit of a private session at a discounted rate, utilizing all equipment and apparatus.
55 min sessions, prices vary per instructor

Group Reformer Classes

Small group reformer classes conducted by one of our certified instructors. With a maximum of four people per class our instructors can ensure that you will continue to get hands-on training to ensure that you keep your form and make corrections to maximize your pilates experience.
55 min sessions, as low as $30 per class, package discounts available

(See class schedule for times)

Group Reformer Class



Pilates can be done on a rehabilitation level. It's one of the few things that can be done while healing after an injury, and then rehab it back to good health. Doing Pilates pre & post surgery, helps speed up your recovery process. People often take Pilates as the next step after doing physical therapy. Old injuries? Daily aches & pains? Pilates can aid in relieving those problems by realigning your body, and get your body functioning like a well-oiled machine. Your physical well being can dramatically affect your overall mood and emotional wellbeing. Get started in learning how to make simple changes that positively effect your whole life.

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Pilates Reformer Classes As Low As $30!

Group  Reformer Class
(with Brenda)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free

3 Private Orientations $180
(with Brenda )

Group Reformer Starter Package 
(with Allison)
2 orientations & 3 group classes
For $175